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Because of COVID restrictions and vaccine passports, Canadian restauranteur Jessie Johnson lost his livelihood. And for the first time ever, he reveals how he even lost his children. This emotional interview casts light upon one of the darkest episodes in Canada’s history. Jesse Johnson is admittedly still broken, trying to heal, and willing to bare his soul in the pursuit of justice.

(00:01) welcome to another episode of sideline sanity with me Michelle Tafoya sponsored by Legacy precious metals there’s never been a better time to invest in Precious Metals go to legacypminvestments.com legacypminvestments.com if you only ever listen to Just One of my podcasts I hope this is the one what you’re about to hear is a story of insanity we know this stuff went on during the pandemic we know that people were ostracized we know that careers were lost jobs were lost families were divided this man is from Canada Jesse Johnson
(00:50) he owned a Pizzeria ironically called without papers Pizza unfortunately it was someone who was without papers who sat down in his restaurant that spelled the end of his 20-year restaurant it broke his family and you’re going to hear every detail told from someone who is still broken and trying to heal from what was done to him by the Canadian government I really hope you’ll listen to this because this is just one example and what’s happened to us as a society as humans in the last few years and I hope at the end you’ll consider
(01:49) supporting this man and his future again if this is the only episode of sideline sanity you ever listen to I will be grateful it’s that important for nearly three decades she’s reported the action from the sidelines she started very young she’s covered the NBA NFL Olympics and the college football and basketball national championships and now during these insane times in our world Michelle Tafoya thinks we need a serious dose of sanity this is sideline sanity with your host one of the sanest people on planet Earth Michelle Tafoya
(02:34) [Music] so I met Jesse Johnson online and his email address reads proprietor without papers pizza and pow pizza or is it pow Pizza Jesse I think now it’s pow your story is remarkable I saw it I I said I’ve got to talk to this guy um take us to the beginning you were doing what with your life when the pandemic hit I was a restaurateur for 20 years um I was a pillar of my community I was an institution in Calgary uh my restaurant uh was all about a chi A vibe a vibration I learned a long time ago in the restaurant industry that although we
(03:26) did Exquisite food people didn’t seem to remember the food and it was more the uh the feeling uh that they uh that they held on to and uh without papers was all about that it really was truly a beautiful space that was full of energy we were lined up seven days a week and then the pandemic came and on March 16th 2020 uh was the first day of the lockdowns uh on that day without papers Pizza I had 30 employees on Wednesday I had to do payroll uh and by Wednesday I was down to 10 employees the government essentially uh
(04:00) closed us down and took away all our businesses and made us uh made us completely uh reimagine the way it was that we were going to stay in business so we went from a restaurant that was predominantly dined in and I was would say 85 percent of our Revenue came from dine in and we had to transition immediately to a 100 takeout model uh it was a bit odd and it was also a very very depressing to be quite honest with you it took me 20 years to get my restaurant to where it was and uh for all of a sudden it to be uh to be
(04:28) destroyed over um you know this virus uh caused me quite a bit of concern now you’re saying the virus in if for people who can’t see us but are just listening you put the air quotes around it um you’re you’re was your was first of all was your place always called without papers Pizza it was always called without papers Pizza what’s behind that name to play on the term originally we wanted to call it is a uh maybe uh derogatory term for Italian American immigrants uh and uh we decided that uh
(05:03) you know maybe it’s best that we don’t call it that even though I think most people don’t even really know what the term means uh and one day we were having some we were waiting to open we were waiting for permits to be honest with you uh we had some food critics in because we had a previous restaurant and we were already well known within the city and they came to do a write-up on us and one of them asked whether or not we’re going to have any affiliation with the neapolitan pizza Association which
(05:25) is an association out of Italy that dictates you know if you want to use them that you have to use these tomatoes and this flower and these ingredients and my business partner the chef was there and uh as uh most chefs are prone to be he was a little bit hotter to the caller and he said no you know there’s no way we’re going to be part of any organization you know we’re going to be without papers and at that moment in time I realized you know what I’ll call it without papers and most people refer
(05:51) to it as WAP and that’ll just be the short name it’s brilliant I love it thank you so you said you noted the date and everyone remembers March 2020 and where they were when they found out they were going to be locked down and what they were going to have to do and Etc but as I mentioned you said the virus in quotation marks and air quotes what did you mean by that well I was skeptical uh right from the get-go to be quite honest with you um you know we started to get bombarded on the news with all these uh Tales of
(06:21) uh death and horror but yet I didn’t see anything of it and the only thing that I saw that reminded me of uh horror was uh being locked in our houses and told to be afraid but we complied uh I was uh I really was I was a hero throughout the uh throughout the apocalypse and I refer to it as the apocalypse um we complied with everything we closed we opened we closed we opened we masked we distanced we did everything and the only thing that I couldn’t abide by was being asked to discriminate my fellow man for something that they decided to
(06:54) do that uh with their body and it was my my my feeling that there was no way I was going to judge a single one of my customers you know the good Lord will judge you not me and so by judging them by whether or not they got vaccinated is that what you’re talking about that was exactly it yeah the the City of Calgary uh came forth with the vaccine passports uh you know 13 corrupt city councilors uh after uh conferring with nobody uh essentially decided that they were going to divide Society uh with the passport
(07:25) uh whose only science was a political science and uh it disgusted me it was not only that it was just disgusting in in its very essence uh it was ridiculous uh in that so the unvaccinated were allowed to come into the restaurant they just weren’t allowed to sit down in the restaurant I was allowed to work the restaurant uh unvaccinated uh my my staff was allowed to be there unvaccinated uh the whole purpose of it was just to solely punish and make example and humiliate the unvaccinated and I was not going to be uh any part of
(07:59) that on top of that you know we had already suffered now for 18 months throughout the apocalypse uh and now I just thought to myself okay so the government wants me to do what now they want me to completely alienate you know 25 of my customers to tell them that they’re so filthy diseased ridden rats that they’re not allowed to come into my restaurant right now you know which to me meant that they were never going to come in and in the restaurant industry we need to have 100 uh in order to make it uh to operate at 75 is pure folly
(08:27) all right there’s so much here I I I can’t wait to get into this more we’re going to take a quick break Jesse Johnson of without papers Pizza what happened when unvaccinated people came into his restaurant we’re gonna find out how they were treated differently by the government there that’s right after this while economic experts are writing and I quote a food shortage could be coming even in the U.
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(11:04) weren’t allowed to sit down to eat it uh and that’s you know it was ridiculous uh and you know on top of that I also read into it that you know my biggest worry was that I was never going to take that injection and when they came forth with this mandate you know the way that they had done it all throughout the apocalypse was you know take a little bit stop take a little bit stop take a little bit stop and when I read that I wasn’t allowed to serve the unvaccinated anymore to me the next step was you know
(11:30) I’m not even gonna be able to allowed to own this restaurant anymore unless uh unless I uh submit myself and you didn’t want to get the vaccine why I just I I’m curious yeah yeah I wasn’t an anti-backster at first I I really wasn’t and I I was a bit naive about it I’ve never been politically active in my entire life I’ve been as apathetic as the next Canadian but to me everything just seemed very very very fishy and especially at this point you know 18 months into it where I still didn’t know
(12:01) anybody who had you know gotten gotten uh who had died and very few who had gotten sick and I just thought to myself you know I’m gonna I’m gonna stand back and and I’ll be the last one to get this shot uh you know since then I’ve I’ve become a vehement anti-vaxxer but uh at first I just uh wanted to respect everybody’s rights to do whatever they wanted to do with their body the one that God gave them not the government well I I say Amen to that and clearly so does my dog Jersey who you can hear in
(12:31) the background I apologize for his barking but he’s he’s quite vociferous about this topic so so once you’ve found this I mean this is I think when we look back at the insanity of the mass mandates and the whys you know why this and not that why six feet and not five all of these arbitrary rules this one to me just is ridiculous so you can walk into your restaurant and pick up a pizza and take it home but you cannot sit down and eat it unless you presented a vaccine passport and this was you you mentioned
(13:05) these 12 corrupt Council people what makes you believe that they’re corrupt uh well they essentially uh instilled Medical Apartheid upon Society uh without uh talking to a single one of their constituents uh to me that in itself is a sure sign of corruption uh That vaccine passport was the most heinous crime ever enforced in Canada uh it literally divided our nation family against family fear against peer uh it was the Catalyst for the trucker movement and uh you know in my opinion uh my life will forever be defined by
(13:39) you know before the vaccine passport and after the vaccine passport before the passport we all suffered equally under the oppression uh after the passport uh the suffering became disproportionate and some suffered not and others suffered whole it was a heinous crime truly was all right we’re going to talk to Jesse Johnson more about his life after the vaccine passports right after this hey you’ve got to start taking care of your liver now more than ever and why is that well because the latest data from
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(15:55) without papers pizza because this was like showing papers right this was like saying it was exactly they’re unacceptable I’ve got my papers here’s my vaccine passport and the digital ones my God those are in retrospect really scary and I didn’t have one of those but I know people who did which means that you know people have digital records of your health uh people that don’t even aren’t your doctors whatever we could go on and off so the vaccine passports beforehand as you said we were all equally oppressed
(16:26) afterwards it was this division of vaccinated versus unvaccinated what’s business been like for you what’s happened since the vaccine passports and you decided I’m not I’m not I’m not discriminating the vaccine passport was introduced on September 20th uh 2021 and I came out in opposition to it on that very day uh the following two weeks were uh the most intense uh harrowing traumatic experience of my life uh we literally went from uh being Heroes to being vilified a community that I lived in
(17:02) where I raised my children where I helped raise many children uh we’re half the children’s first job in that neighborhood was through me uh who loved me uh they literally turned on me uh the propaganda that came down upon me was the most intense uh I’ve ever seen in my life so we uh stood up in opposition to it on September 20th and uh on October 9th uh the authoritos came in and uh they evicted us from our space and uh I’ve I’ve been shut down since uh they literally took a business that was
(17:35) generating uh I I was I was doing two and a half million dollars in Revenue a year out of that space I was collecting tax I was a I like to say I was a free-range human on a giant tax farm and I was doing my job for society to make sure that everything ran through um yeah they closed me down I I and my space is still empty to this day it’s near 17 months I believe since it’s been closed it sits there empty uh all my chairs all my tables exactly where I left them it is a testament to tyranny you’ve got to be sick when you when you
(18:10) think about that it’s Gotta make you absolutely sick when you say that people turned on you and and the people who knew you turned on you how did you see that you know how did that manifest itself what were you seeing experiencing living through that that you knew that these people had had left your side it uh it broke my very Soul um yeah I had expected that uh my 20 years in the industry would um cause people to uh reflect before they cast judgment uh and to see that I was an outstanding member of my community I gave both my
(18:49) time my product and my money went asked for and when not asked for I was a mentor to many uh and we were very well respected in the restaurant industry and I knew that uh every I shouldn’t say every restaurant but most restaurant tours uh join the apocalypse uh in in invariably came to to my place you know we would shut down at a very early hour during the apocalypse eight o’clock let’s say and uh you know we’d be stuck by ourselves there was nowhere to go everything’s locked down and so people just came and
(19:21) other restaurant tours came and you know we we would sat night after night after night and just think to ourselves what’s going on what’s going on you know they’re they’re literally destroying our business their lightning going to a restaurant to be akin to going to a leper colony and um yeah yeah yeah you know I had I had realized that a lot of these restaurants were very afraid to speak up uh because there had been examples previous to us the Whistle Stop Cafe and mirror uh adamson’s barbecue in Ontario and uh you
(19:51) know just a couple others but there was never there was not very many that spoke up and you know I think one of the reasons that occurred was um uh what the government did essentially was make us dependent upon them in order to survive so you know I mentioned that day in March they took our customers away and then shortly afterwards you know they gave us a few crumbs and gave us a few dollars and said listen you know you keep this money and you know you’re gonna need it because you don’t have any more customers we’ll get back to you and
(20:17) then two weeks later you know they would come back and say well we’re still going to lock you down so here’s a little bit more money but you better shut up huh you better not be talking up and everybody understood that if they were to speak out against the narrative that they were going to be shut down and then be on the hook uh to money owed to CRA uh which is essentially you know the worst person you could possibly imagine owing money to in my opinion you’d be better off as you owed money to the to
(20:41) the Hell’s Angels what is the CRA so there is the Canada Revenue Agency okay so it’s like the IRS here in the United States right okay yeah and so I had expected that some people were going to come out and defend me uh and uh I was uh shocked to learn that uh nobody would uh literally nobody stood up for me I stood up for everyone and nobody came to my side because you know if if they did dare uh to see even not even to support me just to even try to defend me uh and to defend my character and to defend the
(21:13) nature of our restaurant uh they would have received the same retribution I did which is to be destroyed this is a amazing um I I thought I think Canada has revealed a lot about its government through this whole thing well what’s what’s your status now do you have a business at all I am trying to recover to be quite honest with you um so they shut me down in October of last year and and last year was uh an interesting year for me you know my my purpose switched from my restaurant uh in which you know I spent seven days a
(21:49) week to literally protesting I became uh a professional uh protester of sorts uh we were holding rallies outside the restaurant then we started having big rallies in uh in Calgary every week and then a year ago at this time I was at the Coots border blockade in Southern Alberta uh and uh you know we had uh we had set up a position at the border uh to demand that all vaccine mandates uh be uh rescinded uh and that we’d be giving back our god-given rights and be equal amongst Canadians so we did that uh I went to Winnipeg after that where
(22:25) we uh held the legislature building and I was on my way to Ottawa but that got busted up by the emergencies act and you know Trudeau’s Follies of uh just of destroying uh any descent whatsoever uh and so that continued on until uh about late March of last year and at which time uh I opened up that little pow Pizza it’s literally just a little uh outdoor seasonal pizza place uh in the interior of British Columbia uh when they came and confiscated my restaurant the one thing that they didn’t get uh
(22:58) was my pizza truck uh I was so busy at my restaurant that I couldn’t handle the volume inside uh with all the takeout and delivery and dine in and so we had a pizza truck that we parked outside that would do all our takeouts and deliveries uh when they came and confiscated my place I managed to uh elude them with that and I took it to a small parcel of land that I had in British Columbia and we built a little deck and so that kept me busy for the summer of last year uh and now this winter um I’m trying to
(23:30) I’ve tried to mend to be quite honest with you I I never understood I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life and you know what what I spent my life um uh building and accumulating um that restaurant to me was uh defined me it was my every Nuance it was my it was my every eccentricity I I loved it and uh when they took that away from me uh and then I don’t even know if it was the taking away from me it was the hate you know and it it it broke me to be honest with you so I’m trying to recover and uh I’m
(24:02) almost there you know I’ve learned that uh the biggest thing is that you you have to you have to let the past be the past I replay everything that happened in my mind a million times over and uh I I was very angry at uh a great many people and it wasn’t so much the people that you know spoke out against me uh in a way I almost think well at least they had an opinion uh you know it was the millions who stayed silent uh while uh I was literally lit on fire in the street it is it’s a remarkable time to be alive
(24:31) and to see this happening uh in Canada and in the United States where fear is being used against people keeping them quiet or making them say things that maybe they don’t actually believe um I I’m so I guess I’m sitting here in a little bit of shock I knew what was happening in Canada but not to this extent and you’ve given us a window into it and I I wonder what Canadians where are you as a country right now because here in the states it it really did as you’ve probably saw this whole vaccine and and pandemic was a became a
(25:11) very political issue it became less about health and more about politics and anger and rage and fear and I’m getting the sense that Canada was similar we saw it with the truckers and and some people have said that that whole Trucker’s thing was a theater created by the far right I still don’t buy that um so when you hear something like that and when you look at at the Canada right now with this clown Trudeau sorry uh due respect oh please um you know I think he’s a clown I think he’s an idiot and I
(25:44) don’t know why we as countries as these massive populations have given up so much to these idiots where where is Canada right now divided uh and uh you know I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to come back together um there are a lot of people you know you mentioned that there’s a lot of people that think that tracker movement was a far-right movement and it was nothing of the sort you know it was literally everyday Canadians families children mothers fathers uh getting together uh and demanding that uh you
(26:16) know everybody be treated exactly the way that we’ve been treated for our entire history which is equal uh and uh I tried to explain to people that you know the censorship that has existed in Canada uh for the last three years uh and possibly longer uh is dystopian or Willian in nature and uh the propaganda that has existed uh is is tremendous uh we learned quickly on uh in in early in the in the in in my destruction that you know the mainstream media was essentially our enemy and uh you know if I talked to CBC and I had given
(26:48) interviews to CBC uh where I’ve said yes and they print no uh and I try to you know show that as example uh to to my friends who are still asleep you know on the Kool-Aid I like to say um but the propaganda was uh very very effective here and it was pervasive uh it literally was uh you know if you think about in World War II when goibles was doing the propaganda you know he had his own guys they would print their own Publications and they would put it up on the walls whereas here you know the propaganda we had to print it ourselves
(27:17) and we had to put it up on the walls and if we didn’t put it up on the wall we were to receive retribution and you know I remember going into a university last year and looking at all the messages of propaganda on the wall I mean there was there was hundreds of thousands of them you know even just in my own little restaurant There Was You Know make sure you wear a mask make sure you do this failure to do this is going to result in this it was it was pure insanity and I don’t know it’s still you know it’s a
(27:42) year and a half to this day I’ve become a bit of a political figure in Canada and uh I’m I I get attacked every single day you know for for speaking out and it really it it it it bothers me how people think that I’m the villain you know that I did something wrong simply because I refused to to submit to tyranny uh and they think you know the Canadians are are uh very polite and uh order following people and you know for me to say that I wasn’t going to follow this uh I I it blew the minds of uh of of the
(28:15) left have has anyone come around and any of your old friends or colleagues or anyone at all come around and said damn you were right we were wrong we’re sorry we support you now I no no no and you know what I I’ve I’ve been waiting waiting waiting for that day you know and and I had thought by now that uh you know my just my very existence uh would be proof of a lie uh in that you know I myself have unvaccinated and have never been sick and have never contracted covid but you learned that the psyop was uh incredibly
(28:50) uh effective uh and uh the brainwash uh was complete uh people that I held in very high regard uh who I thought you know were very intelligent and uh uh very observant uh still uh have not bought in uh or have not realized that uh you know in my thing the whole all of it was basically a you know a crock of poop I I’m Amazed by that more maybe more than anything because it does seem like there is information now circulating you’ve got people in Canada Australia the United States England Jerusalem you know Israel wherever with these studies
(29:25) that are showing how farcical a lot of this was The Masks the six feet we’ve heard people say yes six feet was arbitrary we just came up with something I mean it’s it’s insane to me that that you aren’t getting the support you deserve um how is your family uh this has divided my family unfortunately and um yeah um I was very surprised at how many in my family as well uh were uh supportive of government and not of me to be quite honest what about your children you mentioned you have children I haven’t talked to my kids in a year
(30:05) and a half no um you know I I ripped apart in my neighborhood and we ripped apart my city with my stats and they unfortunately I think felt some of the uh The Bullying from uh neighbors and Friends of school and uh yeah it’s been a very long time since I’ve talked to them I am so sorry for that it’s all right um I TR I truly am Jesse I I my respect for you is immense because you’re standing on beliefs not what you’ve been told to believe and you’ve been very very brave in the face of all of this and suffered more
(30:48) than anyone should suffer and I can only hope for healing in your family um and in your community because this is just Insanity to me absolute Insanity it makes me wonder where the hell all the reasonable people have gone um bless your heart I I you have a friend here and have you thought about leaving Canada at all uh I was in the United States in November and made my way down to Texas and uh drove a uh a friend of ours car back to Calgary who had uh who had flee Canada to escape the vaccine mandates I know that I have a lot of support in
(31:33) your uh beautiful country I would consider going to the United States except your president won’t allow me across the border yeah foreign which is again I I cannot if I don’t laugh I will join you in tears uh and so I I just I am I’m baffled at the time we are living in I truly am it is truly uh and you know as as horrific as this experience has been uh I truly uh am thankful uh that I was around to witness it uh in my opinion uh this is the uh the greatest uh campaign of uh propaganda and my manipulation that has ever existed in
(32:15) the history of mankind and uh I’m truly in awe of uh whoever it is that could have masterminded such deception uh and conniving evil uh and I’ve come to the conclusion that it can be no other than the Devil Himself well you’ve got support here and I appreciate your sharing your story and your perspective I only knew the very edges of it and now knowing more I my heart breaks for you um and I wish I wanted to throw out a little pitch uh give set and go has been set up for me a lot of people think that
(32:48) it’s Bali but I intend to hold the criminals responsible who shut down my business because a man sat down uh and it does not matter what that man did with his body he was a Canadian and should have been entitled the same rights dignities as every other Canadian and I’m going to hold everyone accountable for the crime that was destroying without papers Pizza without papers pizza was destroyed for refusing to check papers and I believe that my story will be told for a very long time there’s no one that suffered more and
(33:19) there’s no one that’s fought harder than me I will succeed I have since learned that the power of the human spirit is indomitable if there’s a mountain in front of me the mountain shall move and uh I will get Justice and the justice will not be just for me it will be for the millions of Canadians who were persecuted and humiliated by that disgusting and immoral vaccine passport so a man sat down in your restaurant who was not vaccinated and your restaurant was closed um give send go what’s the
(33:47) how can they find it under Gibson go gifts and go without papers Pizza without papers Pizza um and let’s let’s pray that we never have to be with papers again um Jesse thank you so much for sharing this you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with us we appreciate that I am pulling for you and and I um I’m going to give send go right now so uh give send go everyone without papers Pizza Jesse you’re in my mind you are a hero you’re the you’re the man in the arena taking the slings and the arrows uh for all those who are
(34:25) afraid to and I hope you’re reunited with your family and I’m so so so so so sorry that you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced thank you God bless you and God bless the USA thank you this has been sideline sanity again looking at Tales of insanity that we’re living through in this world right now in North America ah this is not Cuba this is not Russia this is not China this is Canada all right everyone thanks for listening don’t forget to be like Jesse Johnson and be brave and do good thanks for
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(36:52) the 18s and 20 percents I consider this a time of hyperinflation because it’s so much more than what we’re normally used to right when we prepare and we budget and we say this is the course of my life and this is how I’m going to do things this is where I’m going to put my money we use some basic numbers two to three percent inflation that’s what the FED says is good but that’s not even great over the lifetime that’s a lot of inflationary loss to your dollar but when you have a period where it
(37:21) jumps to the points where we’re at now and we’re in the eight and a half so nine is going to be into the double digits soon in this short of time frame that’s a higher for inflation situation to me because it throws everything off dynamically and so radical you do you do see us going into double digits absolutely the FED even sees us going into double digits you know there was an interesting report where one of the the FED chairman were saying 2023 we’re not going to talk about that but in 2024 by summer we may be able to
(37:54) start to drop the interest rates When someone tells me they’re in charge of something but they say this new year that’s coming just forget about that completely we’re not even going to talk about that that’s a bad sign they don’t want you to think about it exactly they want you to look past it and sort of ride it right off right now just don’t even think about it it’s gonna be bad but hey 2024 though you know and interestingly enough right around the time of an election they want to start talking about what they’re
(38:22) going to do isn’t that fascinating that timing is just really interesting before I we finish up here I I’m always fascinated with how gold is priced how do we get a price of gold you know the spot price of gold is really determined by the world market the London bullion exchange right and this has been for hundreds of years now um sets a price and the rest of the world revolves around that now our currency will determine how much more than it is in the pounds and things like that and there’s a calculation for it
(38:55) but that’s one of the great things about gold and silver their value is recognized around the world no matter what currency what country you’re in it has value I just recently come back from a trip where I was overseas not that long ago and I bring gold with me everywhere I go um not a lot so don’t try to catch me in the airport um but I have something that is valuable no matter where I’m at I can go anywhere in any country and turn that into its currency in no time at all you’re talking about carrying around
(39:30) physical goals absolutely really absolutely carry around if you’re well no you’re right so if and and that gold is going to have the same uh value across the no matter no matter where I go right because very slight deviations but it’s not very large okay you know usually less than one percent difference this is really interesting I I can’t let you go before I ask you this guy I’m picturing you now walking around with some you know gold coins in your pocket I’m thinking wow that would feel
(40:03) risky but when you go into another country for instance with some gold how easy is it for you to go say here I want to exchange this for or you know I’m assuming you’re not going to a restaurant and slapping down a gold bullion or something but you could overseas in certain places of the world they recognize that just like regular currency wow but I wouldn’t use gold but it’s easy to exchange once you get to another country just very easy most time you can do it at the airport same places where
(40:30) they change currency a lot of them will change Metals too and his physical bullion the the best way to go it is it really is when you’re traveling or always in any investment and goal you know there’s certain things you can do outside of just bullion that may make sense once you’ve laid a portfolio down right um diversity in metals is important too but your basis for all Investments should be your basic bullion whether it’s gold or silver you want to have that Foundation set in the base metal itself giving you the
(41:02) most value that you can get and obviously every person’s situation is unique so why not just call and speak to an IRA expert at Legacy precious metals 866 528-1903-866-528-1903 or they can always download your free Investors Guide right it’s at Legacy pminvestments.com legacypminvestments.com do you have any gold on you right now I do give me half a second I gotta see this I just want to see I mean I it’s it seems like almost like in the old days when you walk around with that you know Mr Scrooge and his gold
(41:42) coins in his pocket not that you’re can you sort of turn it around and show us that that’s and now for our listeners they’re not going to be able to to just to see what we’re seeing but you’ve got a little container and they’re just they’re kind of the size of half dollars right yeah we’re just about a half hour and this is this is the American Gold Eagle and this is uh twenty two thousand dollars worth of metal yikes Charles isn’t messing around and neither are we please go get your
(42:12) questions answered this is such an important time to be thinking about your money your long-term play in addition to every short-term concern that you have Charles always good to talk to you thank you so much pleasure and you know what 2023 is coming call Now find out so you can make your decisions for before then yes and before the elections again and they can tell us what they’re going to tell us then they’re telling you to overlook 2023 that means you Now’s the Time to inquire again legacypminvestments.com Charles
(42:42) thorngren always good to see you thank you