“Jen Psaki saved my life.”

Simon Ateba is a White House correspondent from Africa. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s because he rarely gets called on. He joins Michele to talk about what it’s like in the White House Briefing Room, how his perspective of America changed once he moved here, and how Jen Psaki changed his life!

(00:01) welcome to another edition of sideline sanity with me Michelle Tafoya sponsored by Legacy precious metals there has never been a better time to invest in Precious Metals go to legacypminvestments.com Legacy pm investments.com do you ever watch the White House briefings you know the Press briefings with Kareem Jean-Pierre and before that it was Jen Saki and do you think that really there are only about 15 reporters in there because those are the ones that are called on Simon atiba is an African journalist who has made his way to the United States to
(00:37) cover American politics and the relationships between the United States and Africa which are extremely important he doesn’t get called on but we’ve decided to call on him you may have heard him in the Press briefing room trying to shout some questions having a little dust up with Jen sake and then maybe another little scuffle with Karine Jean-Pierre he’s not afraid but he’s also not obnoxious he is courageous and I think just upstanding and he’s our guest next for nearly three decades she’s reported
(01:22) the action from the sidelines she started very young she’s covered the NBA NFL Olympics and the college football and basketball national championships and now during these insane times in our world Michelle Tafoya thinks we need a serious dose of sanity this is sideline sanity with your host one of the sanest people on planet Earth Michelle Tafoya [Music] welcome Simon ativa we are so appreciative of your time I want to start with your background going to being born in Cameroon right which is um is on the coast part of it is on the
(02:08) coast there is some Coastline to Cameroon in Africa what’s it like to grow up in Cameroon yeah thank you for having me Michelle on your podcast I I think you are doing an amazing job and and and I wanted to say thank you so I was born in Cameroon uh but I spent time in a lot of time in Nigeria so born in Cameroon traveled to Nigeria to study and worked a lot across West Africa okay Cameroon is a great place he has um over 300 languages cultures and so here we have two official languages you have French and then you have English and I come from
(03:01) the French speaking part of Cameroon I see okay so you did your studies in Nigeria what made you want to be a journalist I love people and I wanted to tell people stories and and where I grew up the richest person in my Village was a doctor and I remember my mom telling me all the time you need to be a doctor because the doctor has a car the doctor looks uh handsome the Lord the doctor has power and at some point I really wanted to be a doctor but I ended up being a journalist because I realized that was the best way to really understand life
(03:42) really understand people really get to know uh the the world and and I ended up being a journalist and I’ve not done any other job I did my first degree in journalism second degree in journalism and I’ve been working as a journalist since I left school I started in a an evening newspaper in Nigeria graduated to a well High widely read magazine and I’ve been doing journalism all the way until now so what brought you to the United States so I realized that the I always loved the US everyone loves the US sometimes I
(04:27) feel like people in the US don’t really understand how uh you know how people perceive and how people in Africa love the US right the US was a place to me where everything good was it was a place where the internet was invented or where Facebook was invented or developed where Twitter everything and so where CNN was based because everyone was watching CNN I don’t watch a lot of CNN now but that was you know that was what we were seeing there and and I loved the election I remember when the election of President Obama is
(05:12) election in 20 in 2008 we had this big Hall where we had like thousands of people came toward the election the entire night and I remember people watching it as if it was a game a football game wow and and I remember all of us watching CNN and we tried to switch to Fox News and folks you said something bad about President Obama and everyone quickly switched back to CNN so um yeah and and I always loved the us but I came to the US to do the same thing that I’ve been doing everywhere journalism I wanted to always have this
(05:54) publication that focuses on U.S Africa relation relations I realized China was Rising taking over Africa Russia was expanding in Africa and and I wanted to focus on U.S Africa relations and I didn’t really find that publication and we decided along with my friend to found it and try to see how we could focus on strending ties between the US and Africa with accurate and relevant information which is what we’ve been doing since 2019.
(06:33) okay for since 2019 okay real quick I want to get back to something you said uh before I forget and that is you don’t watch a lot of CNN now why is that no so back in Africa everything that I knew about the US was CNN right I also knew um so I knew racism was you know the Republicans right they were the races the old white guys who lived in the midwest um everything good was the Democrat you know the way the guy who were fighting racism who were fighting inclusion who were fighting and and so that’s why I was watching and so when I got to the U.S actually I didn’t
(07:20) want to have anything to do with a conservative a Republican or anyone who was in a Democrat right who was in Libra and so even in 2020 when there was an election between uh candidates Biden and president Trump we actually endorse President Biden right because you know the New York Times has told us you know president Trump use and you know a bad word to describe Africans that they came from an s or you know you remembered it did you know the controversy and and so I didn’t really understand the US even
(07:59) though I was watching CNN I didn’t really know the people but when I came to the US I realized you know I really get to know I really need to get to know the people but it wasn’t a straight line I began to my publication with friends we focus on U.S Africa relation we go to the state department the Pentagon the White House different places and I began to face some of the challenges at the White House even to so we endorse President Biden I began to see that I wasn’t actually being treated differently and and I began to realize
(08:38) that when I was being treated away CNN was nowhere the New York Times were nowhere and the people who actually came to raise the issue where people like Fox News the New York Post and you know right linen publication and networks and I began to and from there I began to really get to know the people and I got to know the real people and realized I know they were not racist and they didn’t hate foreigners actually most of them only love their country and all the way I said was we need foreigners to come into the country we
(09:16) just need them to come you know the right way which is what everyone else in any other country you know says about you know people coming into the country right and and so I realized that you know I need to really really get to know the people and when I got to know the people who were kind well you know great people that’s an interesting experience from somebody totally outside to perceive the United States one way and to come here and discover and learn for yourself you know what what what things really
(09:54) are like it’s fascinating I’m so grateful that you’re here Simon nativa is our guest we’re gonna have more with him and a little bit of spiciness from The Press Room at the White House after this I’m reading a quote right now a food shortage could be coming even in the U.S economic experts wrote recently a food shortage really not hard to picture when you remember covid and not being able to find certain things on the shelves and remembering the supply chain issues it’s really not that out of the realm of you
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(11:38) Patriots because a portion of every sale is donated to Charities who support our veterans and their families and we love that just go to fourpatriots.com that’s the number for patriots.com use code Michelle m-i-c-h-e-l-e to get 10 off that’s fourpatriots.com code Michelle start building your own stockpile today you really you don’t know what the future holds why is it so hard to take a question on the U.
(12:18) S Africa Summit when the president is in 50 African leaders the biggest garden of leaders of his administration why is it hard for you to give me a question it is not hard I’ve answered would you let me answer the question or you can okay okay I’m trying to answer your question go ahead sir go ahead I just tried you wouldn’t let me go ahead I just tried and you would not let me sir so your colleague is going to ask a question go ahead ask you a question no I just I literally just tried to answer your question you shut me down so now
(12:50) your colleague is gonna thanks everybody I’ll see you tomorrow well that was an interchange between Korean General Pierre the press secretary for the White House and our guest Simon atiba so it’s an interesting room that that Washington press core Simon there’s the the front row right or the front couple of rows with NBC CBS ABC Fox News CNN the big hitters Washington Post AP and then there’s sort of back of several rows who’s back there with you yes everyone you have um so you have 49 seat at the White
(13:31) House in the White House Press briefing room and then you have seven different roles with I think seven seats so if you multiply it that gives you 49c and you have the big guys and you know the big people in the front row the CNN and Fox News and NBC News and AP and then the second rows you have people like the Washington time the Washington Post and then in the back you have people like the Washington Times and New York Post and daily colors and different different other Publications what happens in The Briefing room is at Team
(14:13) APM I was being a bit naive I thought that it was fair play I thought that um you know you will take a question from The Washington Post and then take a question from the Washington Times The Washington Post is a left-leaning publication the Washington Times is a right linen Publications but since Karen Jean-Pierre became press secretary she’s never taken a question from the Washington Times in the briefing room she’s she really took questions from the what the New York Post she really took questions she’s never taking it she took
(14:53) only one question from The Daily Caller and once he asked about the brother she didn’t give her a question anymore that audio that you just played was during the U.S African leader Summit last month President Biden received or hosted 50 African leaders in Washington DC for the U.
(15:15) S Africa sorry and we’ve been writing about that Summit for the every day uh you know for almost two months and she will not even give me a question she won’t give anyone from Africa a question and and we saw she’s been doing that two days before that audio we also reminded her hey can we ask you a question on the U.
(15:39) S Africa Summit and she said I will get back to you she didn’t get back to us she just came and read the statement and then she left the briefing room and that particular audio that you played she wanted to do the same thing she wouldn’t allow me to even answer the question that I wanted to ask her about the U.
(15:55) S Africa Summit you wanted to jump to the other person and so the Press briefing room is not fair it’s most things are stage you need to send questions or topics in advance um and then she recalled you actually the White House reaches out to riches out to journalists to ask them do you have any topics that you like the press secretary to discuss today and people end up sending questions and she takes those questions and she tries to find answers and she has them in the binder and so when she comes to the briefing room she’s always reading and you know everything is
(16:41) staged and I didn’t know that I thought it would be a free place this way you know everyone has been given the little chance even the little guy from Africa when the president is receiving almost all the presidents from Africa yeah it was gen saki the same way or was she more fair jensaki wasn’t that different when I asked jensaki in November 2021 why President Biden was Banning only African nation over the Omicron variant I was also in in the UK in deep many European nations in Hong Kong in different places
(17:24) why it not banned everyone why just ban black African nations she was so upset she and she she didn’t give me a question for months so she wasn’t that different she appeared different but she wasn’t really that different she also called mainly on the same people and we had to remind her many times that they are they’re not just two roles in the briefing room they are up to seven of them and it would be nice to take questions from across the room and it’s not just me when you take questions from
(17:59) the same people who have sent many what happened designed questions in advance what you are doing is a disservice to the American people you don’t get to hear from uh people from across the room you don’t get to really get questioned the American really care about you get the same question and you read from your binder yeah yeah the binder has been something that people have called attention to quite often that that you know if it’s not in the binder there probably isn’t going to be an answer to
(18:31) that question um and and I you know I think we all knew that people submitted questions in advance but it’s still disheartening to hear that so you know what you’re getting then is simply you get to prepare for the questions you want to answer and very often times the answer isn’t adequate at all it’s simply a statement or an I’ll get back to you on that uh and so it’s it is frustrating it’s a frustrating thing to watch but it’s a so to see you come in there and sort of like a bull in a china shop just
(19:04) sort of you know try to break things a little bit is really refreshing but they do not like that um and and I’ve seen more than that clip times where you get scolded by other journalists and you know it’s it’s what is that like for you to sort of be the only guy in there who’s getting scolded who’s being ignored I I hear you in that you’re not the only one who’s being ignored but um you know that they just don’t seem to to want to field any have any engagement with you it’s tough just
(19:40) imagine you’re being depressed secretary you have all these questions they are already in your binder and you know who to call on because you have you have what looks like answers and then you have all these people you don’t really know what they are going to ask you and so you see you have like green light green light green light red light red light red light and I don’t really know what to react so it can be tough when I’m being uh um disrespected we have been and also being ignored especially because I don’t just go to
(20:23) the briefing room to yell questions right what we do is actually you go to the press secretary office try to meet with her you ask her is there anything that I need to do for you to call on me you send emails what happens is uh you don’t you realize that you don’t receive any positive feedback and then you also go to the National White House National Security Council and attend press briefings even press briefings on Africa you realize that they don’t call on you and they don’t call on people from
(20:58) Africa to discuss even Africa and and so you realize you have you’ve been pushed against the world you don’t have uh any other option and then you hear the question the briefing room and people are upset oh my God how can you hear the question the briefing room you know this is the White House you know and and so it can be really frustrating but I know that I’m doing the right thing I follow the right step reach out to them send email try to talk to people at the waca the White House correspondence
(21:33) Association but I’ve not really get gotten any positive feedback that’s that’s interesting um when you when you I read recently that career foreign Pierre said she will not talk to you this calendar year that she will not meet with you until 2024. what what’s what’s going on there what what do I not understand about that particular uh story yes so I went to her office right because she won’t call and she’s not called on me in the past four months and over four months and so I wanted to know what’s going on
(22:10) and what’s going on I went to her office to talk to her and she told me I won’t meet with you until maybe maybe next year 2024 um did she tell you that directly that was from her or was that from someone she told me and so what’s her reasoning no reason she sees me like um as someone who is too independent uh asks questions they’re not in the binder and also you know there’s this moral superiority that you know the people on the right they’re the one who hates black at races and then here at the White House and
(22:58) telling them hey you’re you’re doing to me exactly the things that you accusing other people have you said that to them yeah I mean that’s that’s what I’m telling them like um and they read me I say things on the social media uh as the grand interviews I’ve said that many times and so that’s why it’s happening and and I came to realize that you know claiming moral superiority claiming that we are the Righteous people and we love blacks and you know it’s totally false and and and
(23:32) so that’s why I’m telling them or even claiming that you know I’m the guy for the little guy I’m that little guy at the briefing room there are other little guys in that briefing room who have not been called on one or been called on and some of them most of them come to me they encourage me because some of them may not even be able to yell a question because their office will be contacted and maybe they may lose their job right and so they come to me and they’re like Simon you speak for us Regional media uh
(24:03) Outlet unique right leaning media Outlet people who have been ignored people who have been neglected because we refuse to throw the line and you speak for us and we want to say thank you for doing that wow Simon lativa is our guest and when we come back I’m going to ask him how he’s being treated by the White House correspondence Association and if given all he’s experienced he is disappointed by America or encouraged by America that’s after this we’re embarking now we’re almost into the second month of 2023 and the
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(25:52) legacypminvestments.com [Music] and so are you officially part of the White House correspondence Association yes I am and how have you been received by that group so the White House correspondent Association president Tamara kid she’s she’s a nice person but um she’s helped me a lot in terms of emails but she and she’s she recently sent a a correspondence to Karin jump here telling her to call on people from across the room but the White House correspondent Association also tells me that they don’t have
(26:40) any um power right you don’t have the power to decide who [Music] well it it’s so interesting to me now you tell me if I have this wrong so you’re you you’re growing up and you’re studying in Africa and you’re watching CNN and that is your lens into the United States and you see that through that lens that one side the Democrats are all about the little guy they take care they’re they’re inclusive they you know they’re anti-racists and you hear about the other side that they’re the
(27:18) racist Bunch that they’re a bunch of old white guys and then you come to America and you discover that’s not really what reality is like for you like you get here and you discover that it’s a little bit the opposite and so it sounds to me now like what you’re saying is you’re more in those right-leaning Publications than you are the left-leaning Publications have I missed anything there or yeah okay so some people have been attacked with me because now I have millions of people seeing my tweet this month I’ve
(27:52) had more than 20 million people who have seen my tweet and so some people I begin to attack me calling me right winger Winger I’m no left Winger I just believe that I refuse to accept the fact that some people own namora’s superiority that some people are righteous and and only some people are righteous only some people are good only some people love like black black people and I came to realize that you know it’s totally false you know racism has nothing to do with the political party it has nothing to do with even the race
(28:32) or the color I’ve had um some people um really opposing me and even attacking me in the White House briefing room I’ve had a black white lady who is being celebrated in the African-American Community to have fund president Trump um and now she’s doing the same thing to me and other Africans in a briefing room and so when we we come together we wonder we say but outside people see her as this person who fought president Trump the so-called races and but she’s actually attacking us more and preventing us from doing our job and
(29:15) she’s black and people love her and so I came to realize that racism is not just it’s not the white thing or the black thing it’s some people are let’s see some people are not regardless of their political party Republican Democrat independent is just an individuality trying to Brand one side to be the racist and the people who hate black that’s totally false based on my own experience I came to realize that the Republicans they are not the Races they are not the people who hates black actually have been hurt by them more
(29:59) than the other people so um yeah I’m wondering it’s it’s it’s fascinating and it’s amazing to hear from someone who has come here really I think open-minded to whatever you might see and you you’re discovering this on your own it’s it’s it’s really interesting and and my last question for you Simon is given all of that given your treatment in the White House Press briefing room uh given your experiences with with people here are you happy here or would you prefer to go back to to Africa to Nigeria or
(30:37) Cameroon or wherever it is that you you love in Africa or is this is this permanent for you now no it is permanent for me I love it yeah um I think the best thing here not open-minded as you said I wasn’t that open-minded I already had one frame of mind I already knew that I wanted I was a liberal you know I needed to stick with the Democrats because those were the good people the other people were the bad people the way the races and so I always joke that gen psychiatrically uh saved my life because by being
(31:20) hard on me by you know showing me the reality and showing me that um all those assumptions were false by refusing to color me after a Challenger by not refusing to meet with me after I told her that she what she said was incorrect I came to realize she she made me to understand that um the Democrats were not the saviors the Republicans are not the bad guys people are people and you need to approach people as people and and she made me to drop all the biases and and that’s what Karen jump here has also done she made me to realize that
(32:07) um you know just accept people who has their don’t have uh biases against people don’t pre-judge people before you get to know them just meet people meet Republicans meet Democrats meet independent um drop the mask forget the you know the manipulation the propaganda the labeling of some groups just get to know people and in that sense I want to thank them for showing me the reality for showing me that you know I needed to become an individual who can think on my own and and that’s the reality everywhere you
(32:49) where people are just people and you know you shouldn’t preacher so I love the US I love the fact that the US is still the greatest country on earth is still the country that everyone look up to where the freedom of the press is still there not ideal as seen in the white house but it’s still far better than other countries including in China in other countries around the world is in Africa Amen to that um you they need to bring you in as an Adjunct professor to some of these journalism schools they really do yours
(33:29) is a a pure Discovery uh kind of career and I am so impressed and I love your courage and I want you to keep it up and if people want to follow your work what’s the best way for them to find you Simon yeah they can go to today newsafrica.com today news Africa dot com we’re going to put that on a on a on the graphic and they can also follow me personally on Twitter at Simon atiba and also donate just go to today newsafrica.
(34:02) com or go to my Twitter handle and support us we don’t have big money from big donors no we once you decide to become independent once you decide to do the job it becomes really tough so you can support him at that website as well or go to his Twitter at simonatiba ateba Simon I wish you nothing but success and luck and thank you so much for taking time for us for having me he is Simon atiba and Michelle Tafoya this has been sideline sanity don’t forget to be brave like Simon is a living example and do good thanks everyone always a good day when Charles thorngren
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(37:35) When someone tells me they’re in charge of something but they say this new year that’s coming just forget about that completely we’re not even going to talk about that that’s a bad sign they don’t want you to think about it exactly they want you to look past it and it’s sort of ride it right off right now just don’t even think about it it’s gonna be bad but hey 2024 though you know and interestingly enough right around the time of an election they want to start talking about what they’re
(38:00) going to do isn’t that fascinating that timing is just really interesting before I we finish up here I I’m always fascinated with how gold is priced how do we get a price of gold you know the spot price of gold is really determined by the world market the London bullion exchange right and this has been for hundreds of years now um sets a price and the rest of the world revolves around that now our currency will determine how much more than it is in the pounds and things like that and there’s a calculation for it
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(42:21) thorngren always good to see you thank you

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